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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What is Qi Gong? 


The Yellow Emperor's inner canon , episode Su Wen's points out: the treatment of ancient times was all about Qi and blessing." it means the ancient method of treating diseases is very simple. You only need to use Qi and say some words of blessing, and the disease will naturally disappear. So what is the meaning of the method so magical that it can make the disease invisible in an instant? This paper discusses the concept of shifting essence to Qi, expounds the relationship between Qi and the six arts of TCM, and introduces the application scope of shifting essence to Qi.


Q2: Is it important to have a daily Qi Gong practice? 


Through thouands years of practice by ancient Taoist doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine believes Qi is life energy that flows inside our body and the universe. If the Qi circulation is low, your energy level is low, and you'll feel unhealthy, pressimistic and gloomy. When Qi circulation is high, you'll be healthier, more optimistic and happier. It holds the key to rejuvenation, immortality, wisdom and super spiritual power such as the 'third eye'.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine bible "The Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon", Qi Gong had been an ancient healing system that enbables pracitioners to harmonize physical and spiritual bodies for thousands of years.

Q3: How do I know if I am really activating Qi/Energy? 


You'll experience the following listed sensation and reaction while activating Qi around body.

Q4: How long should I practice Qi Gong? 


When beginning a daily practice, it is important to practice in short sessions around 30 minutes. As you progress, slowly increase the time spent in formal Qi Gong as well as applying short sessions in your daily life.

Q5: What is the relationship between moving essence to Qi and Zhu you Shu? 


The reason why blessing can cure diseases and save people is that in the process of blessing, by reciting the words of specific causes or blessings, he starts his own meridians and build a resonant connection between the two meridians, so as to induce the meridians circulation of the diseased parts and expel the Qi of blood stasis from the body, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases and saving people. Blessing technique is a high-level method of changing Qi and distributing Qi. It has higher requirements for casting skills, but the operation is simple and the effect is more magical.

Q6: What is the relationship between Qi and the six arts of TCM? 

The six arts of TCM refer to needle, needle, moxibustion, medicine, guidance and pressing stilts. Qi methodology belongs to the "guidance" in the six arts. As well as Qi therapy, there are also eight Vajra, standing stake, eight section brocade, etc. Among them, guiding Qi, guiding Qi order and; Pointing and pulling makes you soft. Guidance serves as the source of kinetic energy for the initiation and circulation of meridians through the guidance of their own ideas and limbs, so as to induce the operation of Qi and blood substances in human meridians and promote the establishment of meridians circulation system. It can be inferred that “Daoyin” is the earliest method of meridian health preservation in China, and its "Daoyin method" has gradually evolved into the method of Qi in Neijing.

In addition to self meridian establishment, guidance also includes the meaning of Qi meridian resonance guidance, that is, Qi distribution therapy. Qi distribution therapy is a special skill method that can promote the circulation of one's own meridians by building a resonance connection with high-level meridians. It may have a good effect of treating diseases and prolonging life.

Q7: What is the relationship between "An Qiao" and "Qi"? 

An Qiao in is not a massage at present. The current massage is only for the treatment and dredging of soft tissues such as muscles and fascia. The pressing stilt in the Internal Classic acts the performer's own Qi on the patient's diseased position, so as to dredge the blocked Qi and blood substances, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases and alleviating pain. An Qiao method is actually Qi resonance massage.

Q8: What is the relationship between acupuncture, Qi Gong and TCM? 

Acupuncture and moxibustion can not help patients establish meridians, which means that meridians are gradually closed tissue fluid flow channels in the evolution of circulatory system, which are closed in normal human body, that is, people without special training can not feel the operation of meridians. The stimulation range and intensity of simple acupuncture and moxibustion are very limited, lack of long-term directional driving force for tissue fluid, and can not form a long-term circulation of meridians. The effect of acupuncture can be really improved only when the performer uses the method of transferring essence to Qi to resonate with the patient's meridians in the process of acupuncture and moxibustion. Similarly, doctors can also add the energy of Qi to achieve the same the result with half the effort. It can even be used in the production of all kinds of food, calligraphy and painting, and handmade gifts.

Q9: Will Qi therapy produce disease elimination reaction? 

When the resonance rhythm is high-order, it has a great push on the meridians, which can directly discharge the harmful metabolic waste gas in the tissue fluid out of the body in the form of burping or exhaust. The excess tissue fluid and the harmful waste dissolved in the tissue fluid directly enter the bladder and are discharged in the form of urination. During this process, the patient will not have obvious discomfort. However, when the rhythm of the resonance person is low, the resonance driving force to the tissue fluid in the meridians is low, and the tissue fluid in the meridians cannot form an effective long-distance displacement. At this time, there is no flow movement and flow sound of gas or liquid in the chest and abdomen, harmful substances cannot be transformed into gas and liquid to enter the efficient metabolic pathway of the meridians for metabolism, and more enter the blood system through microcirculation, So as to induce human immune and rejection reaction and abnormal disease rejection reaction, which is the manifestation of insufficient metabolism of harmful metabolites. Common reaction include skin reactions, eczema, urine, foam, and sour smell.


Q1: How do I take a workshop?


Select the “Workshop” link on the main menu. Find the workshop you are interested in and select it. You will need to register for the site, if you haven’t done so already. Some courses will also require a fee.

Q2: Can I take more than one workshop at a time?


Yes, you can be enrolled to courses that require membership and take all the available content you want and also you can also enroll to Joy of Living courses. Remember that some courses require a fee and a period of time when you can access.

Q3: Do I have to be online at a specific time?


You can take the course at anytime you want. Sometimes there will be some activities like the webinars that occur on an specific schedule. In some courses we have the option to schedule an interview, so you will need to attend your meeting at the time you selected.


Q1: How do I register for the site?

You can register by following the link on the main menu. Registration is free.
Problems registering are usually one of two things, either cookies are not enabled, or the email is already registered on our database. If you have an account on the WIX app you can use it also to log in on the site.

Q2: Will I lose my membership/subscription or workshops with the platform?

No, your membership/subscription or courses that you have acquired in the past platform will not be lost as long as you continue using the same email address for this new learning platform. If you acquired a membership/subscription or courses in the past platform and you wish to change your email address for this new learning platform, please send an email to with the subject “Change email address with current subscription/courses”. Do not forget to specify your personal data and the subscription or courses data you acquired.

Q3: If do not remember my password?

If it is the first time that you login in the new learning platform, it is not necessary to remember your password since you will have to reset it anyway. If you have previously logged in the new learning platform and you do not remember your password, please go to and begin the process to reset your password. This process sends an email with a link to enter your new password, keep in mind that this link expires in 60 minutes, so we recommend to you to do this process without interruption, although it will not take you more than 5 minutes.

Q4: If I do not remember my email address?

If you do not remember the email address you have registered to online workshops, please send an email to support@tergar.orgwith the subject “Lost email”. Do not forget to specify your personal data to facilitate the data recovery process.

Q5: Is it necessary to register an account in order to access the courses, forums, etc.?

Yes, it is necessary to register an account to access the workshops, forums, interviews, etc. of the new learning platform. If you already have an account registered in the past platform you can use it to access this new learning platform.

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