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Instant Healing Secrets Behind Qi Therapy for Longevity, Happiness & Wisdom

Ancient energy healing therapies developed from the traditional Chinese medicine to heal disease, traumas, reach rejuvination and immortality through cultivating and emitting Qi by Taoist doctors, in the matter of minutes.


Qi Gong is for Everyone

Ancient Chinese believes Qi is life energy that flows inside your body and the universe. If the Qi circulation is low, your energy level is low, and you'll feel unhealthy, pressimistic and gloomy. When Qi circulation is high, you'll be healthier, more optimistic and happier.


Through a serious of meditative Qi Gong exercises to activate Qi flow and increase energy level, practitioner learns to reach rejuvenation, immortality, happiness, wisdom and super spiritual power such as the 'third eye'. 

Master Ferran Liu is the 64th generation head master of Yishui School, which was founded by the 5th generation of Yellow Emperor's grandson thousands years ago.

Coming from a long line of Taoist doctors, Master Liu is an inheritor of ancient Qi Gong. After decades of personal experience in teaching tens of thousands of students, he has become the leader in teaching Qi Gong to the world.