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Buqi (External Qi Transmission)

Buqi is also called external Qi transmission. Chinese ancients found its hard to transmit the Qi to others directly from the universe. Thus, there’re lots of Buqi practitioners, but only a few can achieve great results. But once the Qi is gathered by a master from the universe, he or she is able to release Qi and transmit the energy and Tao within it to others. It is a healing therapy for physical and spiritual wellbeing in ancient times.

There are many ancient records of external Qi transmission. The ancient history book “Jin Shu Fang Ji Zhuan” states those who learn Taoism and nourish Qi can transmit Qi to the others for healing.


Ancient Buqi Case:
Li Ruozhi

Both Chinese classical books “Yun Ji Seven Signs” and “Dong Po Zhi Lin”  also describe the clear cases of how ancient masters dispatching their own Qi to cure disease and save life.

 “Yun Ji Seven Signs” states, "Anyone who wants to dispatch Qi to heal illnesses must first find out how five internal organs (Chinese Medicine organs) are affected in other person. Next, transmit Qi into his or her body. When Qi flows, blockages or ghosts inside the organ will flee, and evil Qi will disappear for great healing results."

The famous poet Su Dongpo had also recorded his experience with external Qi transmission in the book <Dong Po Zhi Lin> .  He said those who learn Taoism and nourish Qi can transmit the extra Qi to heal others. The Taoist priest Li Ruo Zhi he knew could give the Buqi therapy to others. When his son Dai was sick, Su Dongpo let him sit on the opposite side of Priest Li, then his son was healed. Dai said he could feel the Qi travels through his body, and the belly was as warm as sunrise.

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