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Qi Therapy for COVID-19 Prevention

  • 4Weeks
  • 6Steps


COURSE OVERVIEW In this self-guided course, you will be introduced to practical ways of preventing and treating COVID-19 using Qi Gong. This method worked very well during the prevention and treatment of the 2019 pandemic in China. It eradicated all syndromes for COVID-19 patients. It is also the therapy for companion diseases such as myocarditis, smell & taste recovery, brain damage and more. You will also begin to heal your mind and soul, discover true and lasting happiness during this therapy. Master Ferran Liu will be your guide for the course and will offer you a taste of Qi Gong to prevent you and family from COVID-19, allowing you to begin your own physical and spiritual healing journey. Fortunately, more and more of us are realizing the value of Qi Gong’s ability to strengthen our immune system. In this workshop, learn how your immune system works energetically and how to keep it strong and healthy so if called upon. WHAT IS INCLUDED Video teachings by Master Ferran Liu Guided Qi Gong for COVID-19 prevention Instructions for practicing in daily life Reflection questions and a practice journal New WIX app to support your practice WHAT WILL YOU LEARN The meaning of Qi and Qi Channel (Meridian) Practical ways to begin healing practice to prevent COVID-19 To harmonize physical and spiritual bodies in daily life Join FACEBOOK GROUP FOR LIVE PRACTICES

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