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Qi Gong for Mindfulness

  • 12Weeks
  • 12Steps


COURSE OVERVIEW This course is the base for all Qi Gong practices. During this 12-weeks online course, you will be exploring mediation using Qi Gong, which is called Microcosmic Orbit in Daoist term. You will receive large amount of energy through activating central Qi Channels, and begin to gain true happiness and long-lasting heath. Spiritual superpower such as the third eye could also be gained by practitioners with higher level. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE? Video teachings by Master Ferran Liu. Guided Microcosmic Orbit meditations. Instructions for practicing in daily life. Reflection questions and a practice journal. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN Practical ways to begin Microcosmic Orbit meditation practice. To gain true happiness during and after practices. To gain long-lasting health during and after practices. To gain part of spiritul superpower for those with higher level.

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