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Distant Healing

The energy transmission of Qi is not limited by time and space. Chinese ancients found its hard to transmit the Qi to others directly from the universe. But once the Qi is gathered by a master from the universe, he or she is able to release Qi and transmit the energy and Tao within it to individuals who are far away for distant diagnosis and healing.

It is a healing therapy for both physical and spiritual wellbeing in ancient times.. Ancient Taoist masters could transmit Qi to patients who are far away on earth for diagnosis and healing. There is no need to touch the body or sit next to him/her. It is a magical and effective healing therapy for those who are far away.


Ancient Distant Healing Case: Ge Hong

In Eastern Jin Dynasty, Ge Hong's famous book “Biography of Immortals” recorded a classic case of distant healing.


The book describing it as "if you show master a name, he or her will be able to heal even the patient is a thousand miles away ." The book pointed out that Taoist masters or doctors only need to know the patient's name for distant healing, and does not require the patient to come any closer, and healing results is amazing every time.

More Gathering and Releasing Qi Therapies

How to Start Taoist Qi Therapy 

Taoist Qi Institution is a non-profit education institution formed under an ancient Chinese Taoist Shi Men (a school formed by masters and apprentices). We devote ourselves to share the oriental wisdom of "Qi" and "Tao" to the world.

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