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Mon, Oct 03


Registration closes on 3rd Oct

Disciples Recruitment

In order to spread the Chinese Taoist Qi culture to the globe, shi men is now recruiting 2 disciples from China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and 2 foreign disciples from overseas.

Registration is closed
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Disciples Recruitment
Disciples Recruitment

Time & Location

Oct 03, 2022, 11:50 PM GMT+8

Registration closes on 3rd Oct


About the event

Disciple's rights

  • Practice various Taoist Qi practices and pursuit Tao;
  • Practice in shi men’s Qi centers; Accommodation and food in centers are taken care by shi men;
  • In order to help the disciples’ practices, shi men protects the physical and mental health of the disciples and their families in the 1st year of their entry; and protects according to their aspirations after the 1st year;
  • After entry, disciples will practice with elders in shi men, disciples who practice well may have his or her own master after the 1st three years.

About Taoist Qi Practices

"Qi" is the energy of the universe. The information of everything in the universe which is built by Qi is known as "Tao". Chinese ancients found its hard to gather Qi directly from the universe initially, thus they gather it from their masters (Shifu) using Taoist Qi practices in order to achieve long life-span, heal emotional traumas, and awaken spiritual superpower for immortality. And they can transmit this power to others after they obtain the Tao.

Registration conditions

  • No cultists;
  • Be honest with yourself;
  • Free from human desires.

Shi men's Introduction

Shi men inherited the essence of Qi therapy from Huang-Lao Taoism in ancient times, and found its Tao through thousands years of Chinese medicine practices. Its hidden in Qinling mountains and worship Yellow Emperor and Lao Tzu. It keeps the original taoist philosophy in works like the Tao Te Ching, and doesn’t become the religion of Tao Jiao, which you’ll find in Taoist temples.  According to Tao Te Ching, Yin and Yang are the elements that form every subject, and Qi leads it into alignment and harmony with the Tao. For thousands of years, Shi men has preserved and guarded the secrets of Qi.

When the global outbreak of COVID-19 started in 2019, disciples went down the mountain to heal those who suffered. And with the help from people who are devoted in Taoist Qi culture, we built the Taoist Qi Institution in early 2020, and continues to cultivate and spread this Qi healing culture to all humankind.

Master’s Bio

The sixty-fourth generation master of the ancient Taoist Shi men, was born in a family of Taoist doctors, and is a grand master in five art (Mountain, Medicine, Life, Appearance, and Divination) . He has devoted himself to the scientific practice and dissemination of the ancient Taoist Qi therapy practices for many years. He is the author of the traditional Chinese medicine book "Rereading the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" and the Taoist book "The Universe Chronicles - Book of Truth", which is known as the modern version of the Tao Te Ching. His disciples are all over the world.

Registration Instructions

  • Registration closes at October 3, 2022 (or closes when full);
  • There will be a one-time disciple fee when disciple enter shi men. Please refer to the assessment notice for details;
  • Accommodation and food in our centers are taken care by shi men;
  • If there is no qualified person among the applicants, the disciple spots will be vacant for the right person in the future.

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