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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is Taoist Qi therapy?

"Qi" is the energy of the universe. The information of everything in the universe which is built by Qi is known as "Tao". Every master’s “Qi” contains energy and “Tao”. As its difficult to gather Qi directly from the universe, Chinese ancients gathered it from their masters (Shifu) using Taoist Qi therapy practices in order to achieve long life-span, heal emotional traumas, and awaken spiritual superpower for immortality.​ Through long-term practices of gathering and releasing Qi, they can control this Qi energy according to their will and harmonize with the Tao. 

Question 2: I am a practitioner with decades of experience in pursuing the Tao. Why is there so little success?

Ancients in eastern Asian discovered that its very difficult for individuals to  gather Qi or comprehend the Tao from the universe directly. The practitioners spend their entire life time to pursuing the Tao but gain little success. The Qi from a Taoist Qi master contains energy and "Tao". Therefore, the ancient practitioners must follow the master when they start, and practice the secret Taoist Qi therapy to gather the energy and Tao from master’s Qi.

Question 3: I am a tantric practitioner. Does Taoist Qi therapy practice conflict with my existing practice?

Qi (energy) is the fundamental elemen for nearly all body-spirit practices worldwide. Thus, it will harmonize with your existing practice and awaken a new experience for your body, mind and spirit. You will also see a quick improve on your tantric practice within a short period of time. Therefore, you can continue your original practice and tell us about your magical experience during the Taoist Qi therapy practices.

Question 4: I am a yogi with many years of experience. Can I still join the Taoist Qi Therapy Global Healing Nonprofit Course?

In the post-epidemic era, plagues, wars, and natural disasters have occurred frequently, and people around the world have suffered physically and mentally. With the aim of healing people who suffered from plagues, wars, and natural disasters worldwide, global Taoist Qi practitioners donated this nonprofit program.


We sincerely welcome people from all around the globe to participate and warm the whole world with Taoist Qi. After successfully completing the program, you will be certified as a "Taoist Qi healer" by our institution and can participate or organize Taoist Qi global healing activities.

Question 5: I am an acupuncturist of traditional Chinese medicine. Will Taoist Qi practice improve my clinical results?

According to The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, meridians can determine life and death, and cure all diseases. Therefore, it has to be cleaned ". Qi is the fundamental element of human life, it is present in meridians. The amount of Qi in meridians determine vitality, aging, sickness, and even death. Taoist Qi therapy is one of the compulsory practices for ancient Chinese doctors learn. It is the best choice for Taoist doctors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, or massage practitioners to treat various critical and chronic diseases. Practitioners or enthusiasts of modern or traditional Chinese medicine should learn and practice Taoist Qi philosophy and methodologies to improve people’s lifespan and living quality worldwide.

Question 6: I am a doctor and suffered from various physical and mental symptoms after treating many patients. Can Taoist Qi practice help me?

When a TCM doctor offers acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, or Qi therapy during medical treatments, patients’ negative Qi or evil spirits can contaminate the doctor's body, resulting in physical or mental illness. The negative Qi, also known as "evil Qi" in ancient times, can be transmitted between human during treatments. Thus, ancient doctors must use secret Taoist Qi therapy to expel the negative Qi from the body as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is easy to cause disease or wickedness.

The famous ancient Chinese doctors were masters of Taoist Qi therapy. They gathered and filled body with Qi energy to prevent patient's negative Qi or evil spirits from invading. However, TCM doctors in modern era are lack of experience in Taoist Qi practices. Some TCM doctors are even not healthy themselves, with a severe deficiency of the positive Qi in the body. Consequently, it is common for the patient's negative Qi to invade into doctor's body. According to The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, when we gathered enough positive Qi in the body, the negative Qi cannot accumulate. It can only accumulate when our body is lack of positive energy. Taoist Qi therapy has esoteric methodologies to eliminate negative Qi and cast evil spirits. Masters can dispatch them from your body and restore your health quickly​

Question 7: I have just lost a loved one recently and it is very painful. Can Taist Qi heal me?

The root of all troubles and emotional pains lies in the lack of life energy and understanding of the universe’s “Tao”. We may obtain liberation only by improving life energy and elevating cognition. But It is difficult for human to directly obtain Qi’s life energy or Tao from the universe. During Taoist Qi Healing, master integrates his own energy and “Tao” into Qi to heal individual's emotional trauma. This can improve cognitive level in a short time, and heal trauma quickly.

Question 8: Can foreigners join the shi men for deeper learning? 

The Taoist Qi culture is a great treasure for all mankind. Thus, our shi men recruits disciples with different nationalities and races. You can apply for disciples as long as you have strong determination in pursuing Tao, and great intention of benefiting all mankind. In the eastern Asia, the relationship between masters and disciples is a very serious thing. It is recommended to participate in our "Taoist Qi Global Healing" nonprofit program before applying.

Question 9: I am from Europe. Apart from participating in online Qi healing sessions, is there any other quick ways to practice? 

It is difficult for ordinary people to obtain the energy of Qi or comprehend the Tao directly from the universe. However, once the Qi or Tao is gathered into a Taoist Qi master’s body, it can be directly transmitted to others. In addition to Taoist Qi online healing, you can also read books about Taoist Qi, drink Qi tea, Qi wine, take a Qi diet, and listen to mantras repeatedly. These are all great ways to gather Qi and harmonize with Tao.

Question 10: Will language barriers affect the healing results of Qi?

During the healing or cultivation of Taoist Qi, the energy or Tao from the Master is not transmitted through language or writing, but is directly through the body using Taoist Qi therapy. Words and sounds are just the material media of Qi or Tao. When you read Taoist Qi books or listen to Taoist Qi mantras, ignore the literal meaning of words or sounds, try to open your heart, and fully accept master's energy or Tao.

Question 11: What do I need to prepare before experiencing Taoist Qi Healing?​
  • Keep your environment quiet and peaceful;

  • Keep your mind open and allowing masters’ Qi entering your body, with no resistance.

  • When you feel the existence of Qi, be conscious of the feeling in your body and mind.

  • No distracted thoughts. When you have distracted thoughts, most of master’s Qi transmitted to you will be absorbed by the people or things around you, and weaken the results.

Question 12: What is the difference between Taosit Qi practice and traditional wellbeing practice?

  1. Easy to operate in a short time: In traditional practices, most beginners need to meditate, stand, and recite mantras every day for dozens of years in order to obtain the energy of qi from the universe and understand the Tao. However, it is difficult for ordinary people to obtain Qi and Tao from the universe directly, thus, most traditional practitioners spend their entire lives but gain little success. Taoist Qi practices avoid the time-consuming and complicated methods in traditional practice, by gathering Qi directly from the master instead of the universe. Taoist Qi practitioners only need to recieved his or her master's Qi or Tao regularly to elevate results. This is one of the fastest way to practice.

  2. Distant practice for convenience: Most beginners in traditional practices must practice on the spot, thus they are forced to give up their regular life and stay away from family and friends; while there is no time and space limitation during the Qi transmission, Taoist Qi practitioners can receive the Qi and Tao from the master remotely in the early stage, which has minimal impact on the pracitioners life. So that individuals can get started quickly.

  3. Everyone can achived great results: Since ancient times, disciples must have great wisdom(大慧根)to be selected for traditional practices. Most of ordinary people have no possibility to start. However, everyone can succeed the Taoist Qi practices.

  4. Simple and joyful​: For ordinary people, traditional cultivation is mostly filled with hardships and pains; while in Taoist Qi cultivation, you can first use the external Qi transmission or Qi acupuncture to open up the two channels of Ren and Du meridians, and harvest Qi and understand Tao through studying in the Qi field, taste Qi tea, Qi wine or Qi meal. The practice of Taoist Qi is joyful and merged into daily life.

Question 13: How do I know that I have activated the energy of Qi?

When you receive Qi from a Taoist Qi master, you will temporarily gain the magical ability of Qi transmission; it can cure diseases and save lives, open the ying-yang eyes, tell fortunes, and arrange Qi fields (Feng Shui), etc. But the length of Qi staying inside your body depends on a few criteria: the amount of Qi, the receivers’ health condition, and living habits. For example, Qi could stay for several years if the amount of Qi is sufficient, the receiver is healthy with good living habits, and he/she knows how to maintain the Qi. If not, the Qi flows away shortly.  In addition, if the practitioner uses the qi to engage in illegal activities, the master will take back the Qi and Tao he released to him or her.

Question 14: How does it feel when Qi enters my body?

When Qi enters your body, you will experience the following sensations and reactions.

  1. Feel the flow and hear the sound of Qi in the meridians;

  2. Feel bloating, numbness, itching, or tingling in areas with lesions, wounds, surgical incisions, or even potential lesions;

  3. Feel a slight electric or warm/cold airflow passing through the body;

  4. Most people with gastrointestinal diseases will experience abnormal dryness in mouth and tongue;

  5. Increase in urination and farting when toxins are excreted;

  6. Sudden inexplicable tears or bust out crying when past negative emotions are released.

  7. For those who are haunted by evil spirits,  they might start talk nonsense for a short period of time; when evil spirits leave, they will wake up and behave normally.

Precautions:Taoist Qi therapy practices will results in physical and mental health improvements. During the process, practitioner might experience a feeling of Qi rushing into the past or potential lesions. Please participate with caution if you are not comfortable with this or critically ill.

Question 15: The distribution form of Qi

Qi can be transmitted in various forms as listed below:

  1. The Qi transmitted through sound is called Zhu You (mantra);

  2. The Qi transmitted through written words is called talisman;

  3. The Qi transmitted through palm is called Buqi or External Qi transmission;

  4. The Qi transmitted through needle is called Qi acupuncture;

  5. The Qi transmitted through time and space is called Distant Healing.

Question 16: Taoist Qi and Exorcism

In addition to aging, sickness, and death, human could also be affected by evil spirits, which are also called demons, ghosts, or the "karma" in Buddhist terms, and is a form of negative energy in the universe. These spirits are not creatures in the three-dimensional world, instead, they exist in other dimensions. Thus, conventional treatments such as surgery, acupuncture, or weapons cannot affect them. As Qi is the cosmic energy which exist in all dimensions, it could subdue evil spirits to cure diseases and save life. The talismans, mantra, instruments, or thirteen Qi needles practiced by Taoist doctors could achieve great results in expelling the evil spirits.

Question 17: Taoist Qi and Supernatural Powers

Supernatural powers is also called superpowers. Taoist Qi cultivation is a convenient way to unlock these potentials, through opening up body’s eight extraordinary meridians and store the Qi in the Dan Tian (energy centers). When the practitioner condenses Qi and fills it into Dan Tian, they could gain the Abhijñā abilities such as opening up extra-sensory like the third eye, or seeing past lives

Question 18: Will Qi disappear?

The Qi you collected from the master or the universe will be gradually lost,and you”ll become an ordinary person after its lost entirely. This process is known as Qi leaking. Causes of Qi loss include evil spirits, witchcraft, negative emotions, physical injuries,  distracting thoughts, bad feng shui, steal by others, or get close to people with low energy level.

Question 19: How to slow down Qi loss?

Slow down Qi loss is critical in Taoist Qi cultivation. Ways to slow down energy loss include mind purification, desire minimization, internal alchemy (Chinese meditation), bible reading, Qigong exercises, traditional Chinese medicine diet, avoiding negative emotion and physical injury, expel or suppress evil spirits / witchcraft.

Question 20: How to boost Qi level?

Ways to boost Qi level include receiving Qi from a Taoist Qi master, Qi acupuncture, Buqi (external Qi transmission), Zhu you (mantra), distant healing, inner/outer alchemy, Qi gong, good Qi field (Feng Shui), Qi drinks, Qi diet, and helping others with good intention.

Question 21: How is Qi transmitted from the master

Qi can be transmitted from a master with higher energy level to others with lower energy level through energy resonance. The Qi is resonated from higher to lower energy field across different time and space, and synergized between the master and receiver. Thus, receiving Qi from a master through resonance is the No.1 principle to boost one’s energy level.

  • Transportability:Master (people with high energy level) can transmit cosmic energy to others under certain conditions. After getting the permission of Qi transmission from a master, the receiver who is weak or sick can boosting his/her energy level quickly. It will eliminate all diseases and waken the prajna wisdom.

  • Synergy:When a master releases Qi during practices, the Qi energy will be entangled and resonated. It will produce a resonance phenomenon and form a super-strong energy field for receiver to gather Qi.

  • Transmission across time and space:When a master transmits Qi, the resonance is not limited by time and space. Qi can be transmitted over long distances.

Question 22: Why is Qi the fundamental element for everything in the universe?
  • Qi is the fundamental element for life. Energy enhancement can prolong life, purify mind and awaken spirit; energy loss can cause diseases, distract mind or spirit, and cause premature aging and death.

  • Qi is the fundamental element for fortune. Energy enhancement can improve one’s life and cultivate fortune; energy loss can doom fate, and cause bad luck continuously.

  • Qi is the fundamental element for Chinese secret arts. Energy enhancement can increase supernatural powers, such as transmit Qi to cure diseases, deploy the geomancy (Fengshui) field, predict one’s fortune, and command ghosts and evil spirits; If you only learn those tacit without Qi, the result will be disappointing.

  • Qi is the fundamental elements for ancient spiritual practices. Practicing with energy improvements is the true ancient practice; practicing without energy improvements is not.

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