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Breast Pain,Low Blood Pressure 乳腺疼痛,低血壓

Breast Pain,Low Blood Pressure 乳腺疼痛,低血壓

Meizi said that before she met Dr. Liu, her understanding of TCM only stayed at the level of acupuncture, pulse detection and prescription, but Dr. Liu showed her the more"magical" side of TCM. Meizi are troubled by the various discomforts caused by breasts and other parts of the body. These parts are always painful and cannot be touched. Dr. Liu uses his unique and precise treatment technique with "Qi" energy. After two courses of treatment, the pain of mammary gland disappears and can be patted. During the whole treatment process, Meizi's whole body feels the movement of "Qi"; After treatment, the body removes more garbage and releases the bad smell of traditional Chinese medicine. Meizi was shocked by Dr. Liu's miraculous treatment, and at the same time exclaimed at the mystery and magic of TCM culture. 梅子說在認識劉醫生之前對中醫的認識僅是停留在針灸、把脈、開藥的層面上,但是劉醫生讓她見識到了中醫更深層次的“神奇”一面。梅子因為乳腺及身體其他部位帶來的種種不適感而困擾,這些部位時時疼痛而不能觸碰,劉醫生用他獨特而伴隨“炁”能量的精準治療手法,療程後乳腺的疼痛感消失並可拍打,這整個治療過程中,梅子的整個身體感覺到“炁”的運動,身體排除更多的垃圾,並釋放出難聞的中藥味。劉醫生的神奇治療方法讓梅子感到非常震驚,同時感嘆中醫文化的神秘與神奇。

During the Taoist Qi healing, the participants can feel the flow and sound of Qi in meridians. His or her illness or mental traumas is healed and  happy life is regained.

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