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Inner Alchemy
(Taoist Meditation)

Inner alchemy is also known as Taoist meditation. Ancient meditators had found out, it is difficult for ordinary people to obtain energy and enlightenment directly from the universe. Although there are many traditional Taoist meditators, but only a few have attained the Tao and become the master. ​

Dan is the agglomeration of Qi, and Dantian is the seat of body’s energy. Ancients used the inner alchemy techniques to gather master's Qi into dantian to dredge meridians for long lifespan and spiritual awakening.

In Inner Alchemy, the human body becomes a cauldron in which the cosmic energy is gathered and cultivated, by dredging body’s meridians with techniques like Taoist meditation. And Qi is stored in lower Dantian, which is believed to be the main energy center of the body, for the purpose of improving physical and mental health, and ultimately returning to the primordial unity of Tao, ie, attaining Taoist Immortality.

During inner alchemy, one must stay calm and gather cosmic Qi from the universe, and guiding it to dredge meridians. Micro-cosmic orbit and Macro-cosmic orbit are the two well-known Taoist practices in this area.


Ancient Inner Alchemy Case: Lu Dongbin 

In ancient China history, there were eight classic cases of mortals who attained Taoist immortality through the practice of inner alchemy. They are called the "Eight Immortals." Among them was a man named Lu Dongbin, who practiced the inner alchemy technique diligently, and finally became immortal. He was also know as the founder of Taoist inner alchemy.

In his alchemy book "Lv Zu Bai Zi Bei" states, "Qi returns to the elixir, and the cauldron is filled with Qi energy. The yin and yang is repeated, and it comes with a sound of thunder at the end."  This sound of thunder describes the sound of Qi which comes from Dantian, as Qi is concentrating into Dan

More Gathering and Releasing Qi Therapies

How to Start Taoist Qi Therapy 

Taoist Qi Institution is a non-profit education institution formed under an ancient Chinese Taoist Shi Men (a school formed by masters and apprentices). We devote ourselves to share the oriental wisdom of "Qi" and "Tao" to the world.

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