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Learning in the Center

Learning in the Center

We maintain offline activities in the Taoist Qi centers authorized or designated by the Shi Men, where you can receive short-term or long-term Taoist Qi healing and cultural learning.

Our centers are located in many beautiful countries and regions worldwide, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, and Sydney. The center will provide you with a more comprehensive experience of Taoist Qi therapy practices, and is the best choice for your body-spirit healing and practice.

Taoist Qi global healing nonprofit program

In the post-epidemic era, plagues, wars, and natural disasters have occurred frequently, and people around the world have suffered physically and mentally. With the aim of healing people worldwide, global Taoist Qi practitioners donated a nonprofit program. This three-year program benefits millions of people in more than 30 countries and 100 regions worldwide (prioritize countries and regions with epidemics, wars, or natural disasters), and trains 1,000 Taoist Qi healers and 300 Taoist Qi teenage volunteers worldwide. 

You can participate in our courses according to your situation. Please find course selections below:

  • Taoist Qi healing for body and spirit;

  • Teenager Qi healing events during summer/winter vacation;

  • Healer's Buqi (external Qi transmission) course;

  • Healer's Taoist Qi acupuncture course.

During the healing session, you'll have a magical Qi healing experiece for body and spirit. And after finishing courses for healers, you are able to gain the magical ability to heal others with Qi within a short period of time, together with the "Taoist Qi Healer" certificate.

In this Post-Covid-19 era, if you'd like to heal more people across the globe together, you can invite us to participate in Taoist Qi events hosted in your country or region. Please get in touch with us for more details.


Information you should know before arrival

  • Study fee is not required. The costs of venues and teachers are mainly donated by global Taoist Qi practitioners. However, your transportation, accommodation and other expenses must be paid by yourself

  • If you have gained benefits during the session, you are welcomed to donate to the International Red Cross Society in the name of "Qi" according to your ability to help more people. We also look forward you to use the Taoist Qi therapy you have learnt to help more people achieve greater health and happiness.

  • If you are absent without a good reason after registration confirmation, you will be disqualified from participating in any courses from Taoist Qi Therapy Institution.

  • Taoist Qi Center is not a religious place such as a temple, but a private venue for healing, learning, and immersion in the Taoist Qi culture and way of life. We recommend to choose a healing spot nearby. If you need to come to China, you can check or the nearest local Chinese embassy for the latest visa information.

More Ways to learn Taoist Qi Therapy

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