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 Online Taoist Qi Healing

Online Taoist Qi Healing

This online healing session is part of the Taoist Qi therapy non-profit program, which is sponsored by global Taoist Qi practitioners. This three-year program benefits millions of people in more than 30 countries and 100 regions worldwide (prioritize countries and regions with epidemics, wars, or natural disasters), all healers have practiced Taoist Qi therapies for many years.


Healer’s Qi contains energy which has a miracle healing effect on disease, and the Tao contained within the Qi can awaken your mind, expel evil spirits, and remove traumas. Healing with Qi allows individuals to regain a healthy and happy life.


Thus, Qi is the foundation of body cultivation, and Tao is the foundation of spirit cultivation. This Taoist Qi therapy does not conflict with your existing practice, instead, it will elevate the results.

This session mainly covers

  • Buqi (External Qi Transmission)


Buqi is also called external Qi transmission. During the body-spirit healing, master is able to release Qi and transmit the energy and Tao within it to others. It is a great healing therapy for physical and spiritual wellbeing in ancient times.


There are many ancient records of external Qi transmission. The ancient history book “Jin Shu Fang Ji Zhuan” states those who learn Taoism and nourish Qi can transmit Qi to the others for healing.


Typical Qi sensation

  1. You can feel and hear the Qi flows in meridians;

  2. Bloating, numbness, itching, or tingling feeling in past lesions, wounds, surgical incisions, and even potential lesions in the future;

  3. Slight bio-electromagnetic flows around the body with warm or cold airflow;

  4. Most people with gastrointestinal diseases will experience abnormal dryness in mouth and tongue;

  5. When you are excreting body’s toxins, your urination will increase, and you’ll fart more frequently;

  6. When the past harmful emotional traumas are released, they usually come with tears.


  • The healing requires a quiet environment. Stay calm, open and carefully feel the energy fluctuations of teacher's Qi field and your body's internal Qi flow.

  • This course is developed for you to experience the healing power of Taoist Qi; it does not constitute any specific clinical diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Please consider carefully before participation for patients with severe or critical illness.

  • Suitable person

    1. Individuals with Post-COVID conditions, sub-health conditions or diseases

    2. Mental trauma caused by epidemic, war, and natural disasters

    3. Mental trauma caused by life changes (widowed, unemployed, etc.)

    4. Depression or mental illness

  • Contraindications: No apparent contraindications.

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