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Outer Alchemy & Herbal Medicine

Outer alchemy focuses upon gathering Qi for immortality by compounding elixirs through heating minerals, metals, and other natural substances such as plants and animals with high-energy level.

Ancients had found out that it is difficult for ordinary people to obtain energy and enlightenment directly from these elixirs. Although there are many outer alchemy practitioners, but only a few have attained the Tao. ​ Elixirs must be compounded by masters using Qi before they can be absorbed by the human body.

Elixirs compounded from minerals and metals are usually hard to be consumed by ordinary people as the Qi energy is too intense. However, Chinese ancestors found that elixirs compounded from natural substances with lower energy level is good for healing. Therefore, it was later developed it into the discipline of Chinese herbal medicine by early Taoist doctors.

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Ancient Outer Alchemy Case: Bian Que

The Chinese history book <Records of the Grand Historian -biography of Bian Que> described an actual incident of gaining the ability to see through the viscera by taking the outer alchemy. During China's Warring States Period, an extraordinary man named Bian Que (407-310 BC) rose.


One day, a man named Chang Sang Jun gave him some forbidden elixirs. Thirty days after Bian Que took it, he gained the magical ability to see through walls and find diseases in patient's internal organs. Later he becomes a genius Taoist doctor.

More Gathering and Releasing Qi Therapies

How to Start Taoist Qi Therapy 

Taoist Qi Institution is a non-profit education institution formed under an ancient Chinese Taoist Shi Men (a school formed by masters and apprentices). We devote ourselves to share the oriental wisdom of "Qi" and "Tao" to the world.

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