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The Taoist medical department is recruiting students of immortalism and Taoism

Enrollment Guidelines

Beginning on September 1, 2023, the Taoist medical department of our immortal academy is officially recruiting students of immortalism and Taoism from China and abroad. The specific requirements are as follows:


- Great root cultivators

- The main hall and above (retired)

- Chairman of a listed company

- Famous cultural artists

- National medical masters

Number of Students

- 9 (till application is full)


- 10 million/year

Introduction of the Academy

Our academy is located in Wuhua Cave Heaven, circumference back to 1,800 miles. In Luo Cheng, Fu Cheng two boundaries, go to the county three hundred miles, the real Lingjun rule. There are seven small caves in the cave, namely, Quanyuan, Penglai, Taoyuan, Butterfly, Qingxia, Liangyi and Meihua, and the boundary passes through Kengfeng Cave. The cave is a blessed place where all the immortals live, and mortals can become immortal by living here.

In the cave, there is a secret palace, a jade palace, a golden platform, a alchemy platform, a alchemy room, a spirit device pavilion, a talisman room, a formation room, a sutra pavilion, a qigong room, a Taoist doctor's room, a Lingxian palace, a spirit animal garden, a Shuixian palace, a water spirit garden, a spirit medicine mountain, a spirit herb garden, a heavenly lake, and a spirit spring. There is a cave within a cave, and there is a sky beyond the sky. It is the home of godly legs and curly legs, the home of heavenly forests and horses, and the home of immortal medicines and herbs. All the animals and plants in the cave are extraordinary, and it is a holy place to get away from the ordinary and visit Taoism.

The Immortal Institute has an internal alchemy department, an external alchemy department, a qigong department, a talisman department, a spirit weapon department, a spirit animal department, a spirit medicine department, an alchemy food department, a Taoist medicine department, a feng shui department, a magic department, a ghost and grain department, and a sutra cabinet.

Major Courses

- Alchemy Cultivation

- Taoist Medicine


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