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Qi Acupuncture

Qi acupuncture is different from traditional acupuncture and moxibustion. It uses needles or moxibustion as a medium for those who have attained the Tao to transmit the true qi or Tao in their bodies to others in order to heal their physical and mental health.


Chinese ancients found its hard to transmit the Qi to others directly from the universe. But once the Qi is gathered by a master from the universe, he or she is able to release Qi and inject the energy and Tao within it to others through thin needles or moxa sticks, so the energy or Tao can travel from the needling site towards more distant sites of the body to clear blockages. 

Acupuncture needle or moxa sticks is just a media. De-qi is very important in Chinese acupuncture. There’s a claimed sensation of numbness, distension, or electrical tingling, not only at the needling site, but also traveled from the needling site towards internal organs through meridians. Body health is restored after blockage is cleared in meridians. And for mental health, the master can guide the Tao into individuals’ mind through Qi, which can awaken the mind, expel evil spirits, and relief the pain. Thirteen needles of the ghost gate is one of the famous Qi acupuncture technique.


Ancient Qi Acupuncture Case: Hua Tuo

During the Three Kingdoms era, there was a genius doctor called Hua Tuo. He was not only proficient in herbal medicines, but also had admirable accomplishments in Qi acupuncture. When he used Qi during acupuncture treatment, he only needed to pin one or two acupoints and told patients where the Qi would travel. And patients would recover immediately after Qi travelled to areas that were suggested by Hua Tuo.

And Cao Cao, the prime minister of the Han Dynasty at that time, suffered from a headache in his early years. He tried many doctors but had no improvements. He heard that Hua Tuo was very skilled in Chinese medicine and invited him to heal him. Hua Tuo only offered him one needle into the skin using Qi, and the headache stopped immediately.

More Gathering and Releasing Qi Therapies

How to Start Taoist Qi Therapy 

Taoist Qi Institution is a non-profit education institution formed under an ancient Chinese Taoist Shi Men (a school formed by masters and apprentices). We devote ourselves to share the oriental wisdom of "Qi" and "Tao" to the world.

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