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Qi Diet

It is difficult for mortals to obtain energy and enlightenment directly from the universe. Thus, Taoist practitioners inject Qi into food for energy boosting and Tao harmonizing.


This must-have diet for Qi cultivation is called Qi diet. It has a long cultural history and was called Qi Shan during ancient times.

The Qi Diet Culture - Qi Food Blindly


The ancient Qi diet system is one of the Taoist Qi healing practices. It is based on "Qi". The diner takes the meal and seeks the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment while absorbing the Qi. It is a great way for healing or practices. Common types of Qi diet include: enlightenment Qi diet, body-healing Qi diet, anxieties-removing Qi diet, foundation-building Qi diet, and meditation Qi diet.


In the Qi diet culture, from the initial stages of breeding, planting, picking, processing, storage, processing, to the later stages of cooking and tasting, food ingredients are infused with Qi and Tao. Meat, vegetables and fruits from different Qi fields (Feng Shui)  are bred according to the “four Qi and five flavors”. They are harvested and processed with Qi at specific festivals and times, cooked and served in specific cooking ware using secret techniques.

  • Qi diet in center: Picks and mixes the food ingredients according to diner’s health and practice status, and reserve blessed Qi water from the specific Qi field before cooking. Master will cook with Qi and also aim for the perfect color, flavor and texture. The diner will use specific Taoist Qi methods to gather the Qi from the dishes in a quite dining area. After the meal, master will guide the Qi into drinker’s Dantian (body’s seat of energy), condense the Qi into inner alchemy for great healing and enlightenment results. 

  • Qi diet at home: Invite specific Taoist Qi food ingredients and Qi water which is suitable for your own health or cultivation conditions to your home. After cooking, choose a quiet dining area, taste and gather Qi using the specific Taoist Qi methods. After the meal, practice inner alchemy (Taoist meditation) to enhance the healing and enlightenment results.


Ancient Qi Diet Case: Yellow Emperor

《The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine》points out, Five grains are used for nourishment, five fruits are helpful, five animals are beneficial, and five vegetables are supplemented. Grains, fruits, vegetables and meat which have been blessed by masters can help to nourish the Qi essence inside human body.

More Gathering and Releasing Qi Therapies

How to Start Taoist Qi Therapy 

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