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Qi Field (Feng Shui)

Qi field is a cosmic energy field. It is also called feng shui in eastern culture. Taoist Qi masters can form a Qi field to harmonize individuals' Qi with surrounding environment through formation, in order to improve lifespan and awaken spirits.


It is difficult for ordinary people to obtain energy and enlightenment directly from the universe. Therefore, there are many traditional Feng Shui consultants, but only a few have attained the Tao and become the master.

Taoist master’s Qi contains energy and Tao. He or she can help others to quickly enhance their energy, comprehend the Tao, and become immortals. And in order to benefit others, masters can inject Qi into media such as crystals, talismans, sounds, books, water or other utensils to form feng shui instruments. The effect of the energy field formed by these instruments is same as the field formed by the masters directly.


In order to maintain the Qi in these instruments, the ancients arranged the instruments in specific formation using secret techniques, which is called "feng shui array". This unique way to arrange and combine instruments is called the array technique. For example, there are Big Dipper Array, Tai Chi Bagua Array and Qimen Dunjia in the east, and the Pentagram Array and Hexagram Array in the west.


Ancient Qi Field Case: Guo Pu

In 《The Book of Burials》, The eastern feng shui master Guo Pu stated “The burial rides the Qi. The Qi disperses when the wind travels, and stops when the water is bounded. The Chinese ancients gathered Qi, keep it from dispersing, and this is called Feng Shui."


He pointed out that the key to feng shui lies in the qi from the master. The ancients gathered it to form a strong energy field, which brought many benefits to human.

More Gathering and Releasing Qi Therapies

How to Start Taoist Qi Therapy 

Taoist Qi Institution is a non-profit education institution formed under an ancient Chinese Taoist Shi Men (a school formed by masters and apprentices). We devote ourselves to share the oriental wisdom of "Qi" and "Tao" to the world.

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