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Taoist Qi Therapy for Healing


An antique medicine made for immortality

All the famous Chinese ancient medical practitioners are practitioners of Qi. They were respected and worshiped by hundreds of generations through the oriental history,  as they focused on nurturing body’s Qi energy and release it to save life through acupuncture, herbal medicine, or even bare hand. These people possessed all kinds of supernatural healing powers, so they are also called "medical immortals" and "medical saints".

Li Shizhen, a famous medical saint, demonstrated the magical effect of rejuvenation and immortality by dredge eight extra meridians with Qi in Taoist practices. In his remarkable Chinese medical literature "Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qi jing ba mai kao)", he recorded that ordinary people have eight extra vessels, all of which are closed and belong to the yin spirit. Still, only the immortals can open with Qi’s yang energy to harmonize with the Tao; It was approved clinically that those who achieves can have healthy and rejuvenated body.

Gathering and Releasing Qi

An ancient Taoist practitioner must go through apprenticeship and find his master (Shifu). Through long-term practices of gathering and releasing the Qi energy, they can control this Qi energy according to their will and harmonize with the Tao. Gathering and releasing Qi using Yi-Jing-Bian-Qi are the two main aspects. 

  • Methods of gatering Qi include inner alchemy (meditation), Qi Gong, outer alchemy, Qi field, Qi drinks and Qi diet.

  • Methods of releasing Qi include Qi transmission, mantra, Qi acupuncture and distant healing.


Scientific Research of "Qi and Meridians"

The discovery of "Qi" and "meridians" is a great treasure from ancestors to all humanity. It provides infinite possibilities for humanity to overcome physical/mental diseases and pursue immortality. Qi travels in meridians of living beings including human. But as it is so weak without Taoist Qi therapy practices, meridians are usually closed in human bodies.

As conventional acupuncturists and massage practitioners are usually lack of experience in gathering Qi, it’s nearly impossible to inject enough Qi energy into participants to dredge meridians through acupuncture needles or hands. As meridians are still closed and there’s not enough Qi, the healing effects is weak, and Qi is hard to be captured in modern laboratory.

But Qi will be captured easily if the test is conducted by a Taoist Qi master. When the master release Qi (Yi-Jing-Bian-Qi) after gathering enough Qi through practices, the effect pronounces when Qi flows in the meridians. The sense and the sound of Qi flowing in meridians is enunciated, and it can be easily captured by human and laboratory equipment. As Taoist doctor Shizhen Lee wrote in the book of “The Eight Extraordinary channels Qi Jing Ba Mai” , only human with high energy levels could observe the internal tunnel insides body.

In addition, recent clinical data in our center shows that transmitting Qi into participants' meridians has great healing effects on hundreds of physical and mental disease, including three highs, mental trauma, depression, mental illness, tumor, myasthenia gravis, lateral sclerosis, etc.

The mission of Taoist Qi institute is to share the ancient Qi culture to the world. We also welcome joined scientific Qi research with other medical or related institutions. Please find below recorded sound of Qi flowing in meridians, which was captured during our clinical treatment.

Trauma (lost mother) :26-yrs-old
Myasthenia Gravis:56-yrs-old
Cirrhosis Ascites:67-yrs-old

How to Start Taoist Qi Therapy 

We offered bilingual teaching in English and Chinese. The costs of teaching venues and teachers are mainly from internal donations from domestic and foreign Taoist Qi practitioners. We show our most profound appreciation to them.

If you have gained benefits in your practice, you are welcome to donate to the International Red Cross Society in the name of "Qi" according to your ability to help more people. We also look forward you to use the Taoist Qi therapy you have learned from the institution to help more people achieve greater health and happiness.

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