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Qi Gong for Rejuvenation

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COURSE OVERVIEW In this 14-weeks course, you will be introduced to ways of reach rejuvenation by activating Qi/energy in three energy center, including upper, middle and lower Dantian. You will also begin to discover that how emotions are hidden in these Dantian and how to reach true happiness by activating Qi circulation within. Master Ferran Liu will be your guide for the course WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE? Video teachings by Master Ferran Liu Guided Qi Gong method for energy circulation. Instructions for practicing in daily life. Reflection questions and a practice journal. New “WIX” app to support your practice. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN The meaning of three energy center in human body, including upper, middle and lower Dantian. Practical ways to reach rejuvenation through Qi Gong practice. Practical ways to reach happiness and begin to explore spiritual superpower through Qi Gong practice. JOIN FACEBOOK GROUP





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