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Institution Courses

Major courses: inner alchemy, outer alchemy, travel to heaven and earth, advanced medicine for spiritual beasts; minor courses: talismans, magical instruments, Taoist medicine, and feng shui formation.

Qi & Tao - the ancient method of cultivating immortals

"Qi" is the energy of the universe, and "Tao" is the truth of the universe. Most of the ancient immortal cultivators harvested Qi according to the Tao, so they could escape from the mundane and become holy, and ascend to the upper realm. This method of cultivating immortals is "practice of Qi Dao".


In the era of the end of the Dharma, only by practicing the Dao of Qi can you become a god, and it is the only way for the immortal family to return to the upper realm.

Overview of Taoist Qi Institution

Our institution is located in Wuhuadongtian, with a weekly return of 1,800 miles. In the realms of Luocheng and Fucheng, three hundred miles away from the county, the True Spirit Ruler ruled it. In the cave, there are seven small caves: Quanyuan, Penglai, Taoyuan, Butterfly, Qingxia, Liangyi and Plum Blossom, and they all lead to Fengdong. The blessed land of the cave is where the immortals live, and ordinary people can achieve Taoism and become immortals if they live here.


The secret mansion of the spiritual palace in the cave, the Yuyu Jintai, has the alchemy platform, the alchemy room, the magic weapon pavilion, the talisman room, the formation room, the Tibetan scripture pavilion, the Qigong room, the Taoist doctor room, the Lingxian palace, the spirit beast garden, and the Narcissus palace , Water Spirit Garden, Spirit Medicine Mountain, Spirit Grass Garden, Tianhu Lake, and Spirit Spring. There is a hole in the cave, and there is a sky beyond the sky, the birth of the divine phoenix, the habitat of the Tianlin Zema, and the birth of the fairy medicine and spiritual grass. The spiritual beasts and spiritual grasses in the cave are of extraordinary quality, and it is a holy place to escape from the ordinary and become holy, to seek immortals and to visit Taoism.

Xianyuan currently has the Department of Inner Alchemy, Department of Outer Alchemy, Department of Qi Gong, Department of Talismans, Department of Magical Instruments, Department of Spiritual Beasts, Department of Elixir, Department of Alchemy, Department of Taoist Medicine, Department of Fengshui, Department of Magic, Department of Ghost Valley, and Buddhist scriptures. Court and so on.


Main Courses

Elective Courses

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